Rossiyanka's history


In 2003 the Moscow Region regional organisation Football club Boyevoye Bratstvo, a part of which was Women football club Nadezhda - Boyevoye Bratstvo was formed in Krasnoarmeysk.

The first President was a State Duma deputy and the Vise-Chairman of All-Russian Public Organisation of Veterans BATTLE BROTHERHOOD Dmitry Sablin. The Vise-Presidents of the club became Edward Bezbabnykh and the Chairman of the Moscow Region branch of BATTLE BROTHERHOOD Counsil, combat veteran Sergey Knyazev.

In the head of the women team were Mikhail Sukharev and Nikolay Kocheshkov.

This initiative was supported by the Chairman of All-Russian Public Organisation of Veterans BATTLE BROTHERHOOD Boris Gromov.


In 2004 the women club got its present name Rossiyanka and an official status of Moscow Region team.

After an undefeated series of ten matches the club got three points less than the champion team and became second in the Russian Championship. Rossiyanka won the second place in the strike with the five-time champion, seven-time Cup winner, one of the most titulated clubs of Russia of the time, FC Energia of Voronezh.

In 2004 Rossiyanka acheved the Russian Cup final. Russian Football Union recognized Rossiyanka’s debute the best debute in history of Russian women football.


In 2005 Rossiyanka beat all the teams, was crowned champions and won the Cup making its first golden double in the history. True football stars played in Rossiyanka that season, such as Tatiana Egorova, Olga Letyushova, Natalia Barbashina, Tetyana Verezubova. Olga Letyushova became the top goalscorer of the Championship wich 27 goals. Natalia Barbashina was the third with 14 goals. Nine players were included in the symbolic team of Russian Championship. It was the year when Rossiyanka took part of an international competition Albena Cup in which participated national teams of Norway, China, France, the USA, Scotland, South Korea, Sweden, Spain, Canada, Russia and Ukraine. Rossiyanka won the Cup.

The same year was a triumph for Russian national team, they got the European cup by winning European Under-21 Football Championship. Anna Kozhnikova, Olga Petrova, Kristina Anokhina, Nadezhda Kharchenko, Olga Peshina from FC Rossiyanka were the players of this national team. Getting of the European Cup made the Russian national team participant of the World Cup 2006 and its players were titulated Masters of Sport of inetrnational grade.



In 2006 the club was the best and made the rule of Russian woomen football. The team got its second golden double by making an undefeated series in the Championship and winning the Cup. The vice-champion had 7 points less than Rossiyanka. 12 players were between the best 33 players of 2006. Olga Letyushova was the top goalscorer again with her 34 goals.

It is the year of Rossiyanka’s debute in UEFA Women’s Cup. Rossiyanka beat FC Alma-KTZH from Kazakhstan, FC Clujana Cluj-Napoca from Romania, FC Slovan from Slovakia, hungarian Femina, than lose in equal fight to Brondby, the leader of Dutch football in which played the core of the Dutch national team, the best one in Europe. After that Rossiyanka played with LFC Arsenal, the club participating in the Cup for already six years. Yielding 1:4 the Russian club turned the game, but Arsenal was more lucky and Rossiyanka had no time to equalize the score. The final score was 4:5 in favor of the future Cup holder, the audience reward combat qualities of Rossiyanka by an enthusiastic applause.



The direction of the club desided to fresh up the team and in 2007 the clue of Rossiyanka were the winners of European Under-21 Football Championship 2005. Few people believed in the team, the general opinion was sceptic towards this young team without expirienced team mates, but the team did demonstrated their professional skills, the became vice-champions of Russia and played in the final of the Cup.

The young team succeeded in UEFA Women’s Cup. In the first qualifying round they were better than Arsenal from Ukraine, Dinamo from Georgia and serbian Napredak. In the second qualifying round Rossiyanka met the best European club of the time Umea from Sweden, twice finalist and once holder of the Cup. It was a true drama game. Loosing 0:2, playing in minority because of expulsion of Anna Kozhnikova they managed to even the score 2:2. And getting a quarter final. They tied the domestic game with FC Frankfurt with the best player of the world Brigit Prinz, but Germain club managed to kick one goal more than Rossiyanka in the second game.




In 2008 a great player Tatiana Egorova came back in Rossiyanka as a head couch assistant. The club got the Cup of Russia and silver medals of the Championship. The final match of the Cup with its principal rival Zvezda-2005 was as interesting as men's cups finals. Tatiana Skotnikova was a true leader of the team that year, she scored a goal-winner.





The team of 2009 was young. Russian national team participated in the final tournament of UEFA Women's Championship for the first time after 2001 and 13 players of Rossiyanka were in this Russian national team. The group in which played Russia was rather difficult and all teams had chances to get the play-off until the last match. Unfortunately, Russian team had no sufficient luck to go further.

Rossiyanka repeated its last year results with the Cup and second place in the Championship. And in the same Russian Cup final match with Zvezda-2005 the final score was 3:1, double scored the capitain Tatiana Skotnikova and one goal kicked Emueje Oghiabevha from Nigeria.

In ⅛ of UEFA Women's Cup Rossiyanka met swedish Umea with the winner of the Golden Shoe and the Golden Ball, four time player FIFA of the year, brasilian star Marta Vieira da Silva.




The head coach Tatiana Egorova, experienced player, who played in Germain club Turbine, led the team in 2010. In the Championship Rossiyanka lost one game, four time defeated Zvezda-2005 and became champions. Ten players of the club were in the national team.

In the national Cup Rossiyanka beat former leader of women football in Russia, FC Energia from Voronezh.

It was the year of Rossiyanka's third golden double. Tatiana Egorova became the first woman-coach winner of the Russian Championship. Rossiyanka became five times champion and three time Cup holder. In ⅛ UEFA Women's Champions League Rossiyanka gave way to the future winner FC Lyon.




A well-known French specialist Farid Benstiti replaced Tatiana Egorova in 2011. Formerly he was a head coach and a sportive director of FC Lyon. Such world stars as Aline Pellegrino, Christiane de Sousa, Fabiana da Silva from Brasil and Sofia Jacobsson from Sweden played in Rossiyanka that season. Rossiyanka was crowned champions for the fourth time. The team was stopped in ¼ UEFA Women's Champions League by its future holder Turbine from Germany.

In 2011 Rossiyanka got its second team, named Rossiyanka-M. This team is based on Olympic reserve College in Zvenigorod. They became vice-champions in the Eastern zone of the junior competition.





In 2012 FC Rossiyanka entered the 5 top clubs of Europe. Germain head coach Achim Feifel led the team to the quarter-final of UEFA Women's Champions League. There was a heavy snowfall when they played in Germany, and in the minority Russia team lost 1:2. In Russia Rossiyanka played in Luzhniki Stadium, Wolfsburg passed in ½ of Champions League. The last part of the Championship of Russia FC Rossiyanka was headed by Elena Fomina, the only woman football player with the title Honored Master of Sports. With the new head coach Rossiyanka became vice-champions of Russia.