"Sarajevo-2000" - "Rossiyanka"

Round of 32

Sarajevo 0-0 Rossiyanka

Yellow cards: Medić, Kuć

Referees team:

Referee: Lois Otte (Belgium)

Assistant referees: Ella de Vries, Bérengère Pierat (Belgium)


Maksim Zinonyev (FC Rossiyanka coach): "We had a considerable advantage, created many scoring chances, but something didn't let us to score. It's sure, the condition of the pitch had some influence, but the pitch can't have responsibility for the result, both teams are playing in the same conditions. Unfortunately, the pitch conditions didn't let us play our fast football, that we used to show. In addition our opponent was killing the time all match long with all means possible. From the beginnig they stanted to go by the words: “All is fair in war”. As for our team, the content of our play was good. Of course, we have many things to ameliorate. It goes without saying, we lay our account on the return match at home. The more especially as we must score one goal more than our opponent".